Fitness at workplace

Do you also sit a lot and work with computer screens?

Do you also sit a lot and work with computer screens?

Then we would like to give you a few tips for your fitness at work. There are simple exercises that can easily be done at your desk in between workouts.

Let's focus on our eyes today:

- Promote tearfulness

If you stare at the screen for a long time, you often forget to blink! This leads to dry eyes. To produce more tear fluid, a simple blink is enough.

Here is an exercise to stimulate tear fluid:

Stand or sit in a relaxed position. Consciously open and close your eyes several times in succession: with both eyes and individually and alternately with the right and left eye.

- Exercise the eye muscles

Look for three points at different distances inside and also outside the room. Look from one point to the next in any order, and then start again. By alternating, your lenses and eye muscles will remain elastic.

So: look out of the window more often!

- Release tension

Open your eyes wide and count to three. Then close them again. Repeat eight times. This exercise releases tension in and around the eyes. It is especially good for eye twitches.

- Wellness for the eyes

While sitting, put your hands together and rub your palms together quickly. After a short time, you will feel a warm sensation. Now close your eyes, rest your elbows on the table, and place the heated palms of your hands on your eye sockets for 30 to 60 seconds. The closed eyes should not feel any pressure. The warmth and darkness relax the eye muscles. When you see no flickering but only black, your eyes are completely relaxed.

- Stimulate blood circulation

Imagine a lying figure of eight. Follow the course of the figure eight with a slow and steady eye movement. Take your time to roll your eyes. Then the head follows the eye movement easily. The shoulders may also start to move. You can determine the intensity of the eye roll and the tempo yourself. The swinging of the eyes trains the outer eye muscles and stimulates the blood circulation. The right and left swings activate both hemispheres of the brain.

You can certainly integrate one or the other exercise into your daily work routine. Have fun!