Fitness at workplace - Work from Home

Take care of your health, look positively ahead, and have fun at your workplace!

To wrap up our posts on workplace fitness, we turn our attention to working from home.

Here are a few points to keep in mind:


Workplace Design

-         Your private living space is your private realm. If you can't realize a dedicated study, at least set up a corner that is just for work.

-         Also, try to avoid distractions at your workplace.


Keep your posture

In the morning, dress as if you are about to go to the office. This will get you in the mood for work and ready for impromptu video calls with colleagues. Plus, with the right attire, you'll exude more confidence, which you can even hear in your tone of voice.


Working hours and breaks

Make sure you have a healthy balance between your personal and work life.

-         Set an exact time when you turn on the computer and also when turn it off again. Don't take your laptop or cell phone to bed with you.

-         Make regular appointments with friends or family at a specific time, such as going for a walk, playing sports together or having dinner.

-         Interrupt your work every now and then. Set an alarm clock to remind you regularly to take short breaks.



If you work at home, make a conscious effort to get enough fresh air. It is recommended to move at least one hour a day. Anything that is fun is good for your body and mind. Exercise lowers stress levels and prevents burn-out. If it takes place outdoors, you also fill up on vitamin D, which is important for performance.



Avoid gaining weight by eating too many convenience foods.

-         Prepare a healthy meal for your lunch break.

-         Do not eat on the side at the PC, but at the table. With time, enjoyment and preferably in company.

-         Avoid snacks in between meals or satisfy the biggest cravings with vegetable sticks or natural yogurt instead of chocolate.

-         If you do have to have something sweet, go to the next supermarket but one. Or, after a visit to the ice cream parlor, make sure you get in some extra exercise.


We hope you enjoyed our fitness tips!


Take care of your health, look positively ahead, and have fun at your workplace!