Fitness at workplace - Ergonomic

Here are a few tips for healthy office work:

An ergonomic office workstation is just as important as exercise for people who sit a lot and work with monitors. This is because intense concentration on a monitor combined with a lack of movement can lead to forced postures, which in turn cause poor blood circulation. The result is an insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. This causes pain, which leads to supposedly gentle postures. However, these strains spread to other muscle groups, making them the most common causes of back pain.

Here are a few tips for healthy office work:

- Sit dynamically

Sit or stand dynamically, i.e., change your posture regularly and thus ensure an alternating strain on your muscles. Likewise, help prevent tension with small bursts of movement, such as walking to the copy machine or to colleagues.

- Healthy working environment

Ensure a pleasant room climate in the office. Ideally, the temperature should be between 20 and 22 degrees. Regular intermittent ventilation ensures oxygen exchange. In addition, sufficient and uniform lighting is important to prevent your eyes from tiring, with natural daylight being the best choice here. However, you must then ensure that the sun does not shine directly on you to protect your skin.

- Adjust your workspace

Adjust your desk and monitor so that you are sitting frontally in front of the screen and your gaze is parallel to window surfaces to avoid reflections on the screen. For chair and desk adjustment, make sure your lower and upper arms and lower and upper thighs form at least a 90-degree angle, but no more than a 100-degree angle, when seated. Feet are firmly planted on the floor.

- Office equipment

Last but not least, make sure to purchase ergonomic hardware and office furniture (for example, height-adjustable desks for standing).

We wish you a continued healthy climate in the office.