Success and Sustainability

Enterprises are doomed to succeed and the resulting success needs to be sustained. As one of the key players in modern organizations, the information technology departments permanently play a vital role in such endeavor. If well aligned within the organization they deliver a distinctive contribution to success and sustainability of the company. 

On the corporate journey to put these intentions in effect, we help you to accomplish various benefits, examples of which are:

Optimization of Information Flow

Optimizing information flow across your organizational structure is paramount to operational efficiency and bottom-line profitability.

Information flow describes the possible paths data can take from its origin, including various processing steps, to a destination. In other words, it covers the information transfer between two or more actors of the informational ecosystem of the organization, thereby stretching out to the whole lifecycle of the information.

The management of information flow is one of the main problems challenging today's knowledge workers. This issue is becoming increasingly important as both the volume of information produced by mankind as well as the entangled data paths this information is flowing through grow exponentially. Major driving forces to this scenario include:

  • Handling the sheer quantity of information (the volume of information to be processed over a given period of time continues to grow); 
  • The increasing requirement to attend to and prioritize the implicit requests leveraged by the information, e.g. reading and / or responding to emails or chats;
  • The need to classify information, and 
  • To manage the heterogeneity of data and information, both at source level (integration from the origin) and during the processing (handling different formats).

In our judgment, the successful operation of a modern enterprise is best driven by an organizational structure whose primary responsibility focusses on optimization and control of information flow.

RIMOC supports you in identifying and working on the following facets of your information flow:

  • Design of knowledge management architectures
    • Knowledge classification (explicit/tacit; codifiable);
    • SECI-Model, knowledge spiral; 
    • Relevance for and transformation within an organization;
    • Knowledge processes and collective knowledge.
  • Business processes and knowledge management
  • Dependencies (Taxonomy/Ontology) of/between data, information, knowledge, and (practical) experience in business and IT processes;
  • Analysis of practiced communication and collaboration patterns
    • within and outside of an organization as well as with external partners
    • reflecting on information and knowledge exchange;
  • Conceptual design
    • for migration to and implementation of
    • modern communication and collaboration solutions.

    Increase of Business Value

    From the multifold terminologies one can use to determine the status of an organization, the most chatoyant and dazzling is the “business value”. From conventional shareholder value and internal assets like employee competency or management skills up to the value the organization delivers to its customers or to the society at large, the range of potential contributions is virtually endless.

    Looking from the information technology perspective it is obvious that hardly any business value could be created, maintained, and boosted without leveraging the corporate assets which would not exist without IT deeply contributing.

    RIMOC will support you in identifying and working on the following dimensions of Business Value:

    • Based on resilient technologies align and strongly interact with the business to solve problems and implement solutions in areas of mutual interest.
    • Optimize IT capabilities required by the organization to deliver performance, like reliability, usability, and availability.
    • Establish a breathing and agile IT infrastructure, dynamically adjusting to the needs of the company by leveraging a 360° enterprise architecture which closely interacts with business development.
    • Engage in integration of business and IT governance to drive both organization and process design focusing on a value-driven approach for business change.

    Optimal Budget Planning

    As for any department, IT activities have to stay within and are bounded by the budget allocated for a particular period. 
    This money is spent in various areas, among others including

    • Operational,
    • Process,
    • IT R&D,
    • (Generic) invest, and
    • Personnel.

    Usually, the different shares these areas have on the total spent represent a very good indicator of the IT organization’s current status and maturity level. Together with you, RIMOC shall drill down your cost structures to

    • Analyze in which channels your budget flows,
    • Identify and document potentials for savings and efficiency improvements,
    • Ascertain where to focus and which changes to implement to achieve higher maturity levels for your IT organization,
    • Suggest action points to manage your IT’s financial situation more effectively and ensure that your plans are achievable.

    The best use of your finances should be a key element of IT planning and further the evaluation of new opportunities. With limited resources, you might have to miss out on promising opportunities if pursuing them meant draining your core business from critical funding.

    Even though, based on these measures, optimizing and streamlining data flow within an organization initially always drives expenses, the outcome allows for operation at lower cost with higher throughput. Consequently, this approach frees the required resources allowing you to take on new challenges.

    Growth and Profitability

    Our daily lives are exposed to an ever-challenging struggle for gain in profitability. The resulting sustained growth of an enterprise faces a range of challenges which themselves demand different solutions for different problems and opportunities.

    If your business is to continue to grow and prosper, it is crucial to implement:

    • Scalable solutions which themselves do not create additional problems for the future;
    • Effective leadership that will help you get the most out of opportunities;
    • Steady adjustment, taking into account the measurement of business key performance indicators and leading to deployment of refocused customer value-added strategies;
    • The right mix of and interdependency between organizational structure and agile processes allowing to foster the speed of change.

    RIMOC supports you in identifying and working on the following issues of growth and profitability:

    • A wide range in process optimization measures / methods (audit / review, reshaping / remodeling, implementation, training and monitoring) consequently increasing operational efficiency in the IT and quality management landscape;
    • Consultancy / guidance for building a cost-effective infrastructure adapted to your business needs and compatible to your network;
    • Optimize your IT supported, cross organizational information flow, delivering proven results on time, on budget, and with the highest quality and reliability.