RIMOC provides benefits to our clients, based on manifold solutions we have been and are continuously creating. To be able to do this, we rely on expertise in a multitude of areas. Among them are:

IT Management Consulting

We are always thrilled by the challenge posed and the trust put into our skills when working with your Chief Information Officer and other IT executives.
Be it on the

  • Advancement of the corporate IT strategy,
  • Design of new organizational IT mergers, resulting from business acquisitions,
  • Furthering of IT architecture management,
  • Innovating IT service management, or
  • Driving IT governance,

together with our conversation partners we always succeeded in raising your business alignment level, thereby leveraging a drastic increase in corporate acceptance of the information technology division.

Information Security

We understand information security as being an inherently integrated rather than an adjoined element of IT architecture and information flow process design. 
Consequently, we are always looking horizontally and vertically across all areas affected if working in the IT security space, creating holistic solutions for our customers. 
This extends from audit-like reviews to arrangements of pen-testing (with partners) or implementation of full-blown information security management systems. The latter we like to coin a bit differently, referring to them as ISRMS, Information Security and Risk Management Systems. Without inherent risk management, information security cannot be achieved.

Intimacy with standard guiding principles like CIA (confidentiality, integrity, availability) or non-repudiation as well as global and regional standards like the ISO/IEC 27000 series or the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)) series of recommendations, to name a few, allow us to merge the two most important vectors for practicing secure operations:

  • Built-in security, and 
  • User acceptance of security measures. 

You cannot achieve security without paying close attention to both.

Process Consulting

We understand ourselves as consultants. I.e. we are not the ones who know what your organization needs! But we know how to help you to determine 

  • Where you stand now (as-is), and
  • Where you want to be in the future (to-be).

And after and based on the fixing of these two anchors, in the areas of our competencies, we are extremely well qualified to support you to choose how to get from as-is to to-be!

Furthermore, when working to create or optimize our customers processes, we are skilled and experienced communication experts to successfully engage with individuals and groups at various organizational levels. Executives, managers, staff – our team is trained and has significant inter-cultural experience to embrace diversity at all levels.


We do know our Linux worlds, but have to admit that our primary expertise at the technology level are Microsoft based infrastructures.

This extends from the operating system level on both, client and server systems, to virtually all server solutions provided by Microsoft for enterprise environments, including their respective technologies.

Instead of listing them, please simply drop us a note and we shall respond with details of our competency level for this particular product and some reference projects. Try us!